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18th Century | Gentleman's shoe
Source: Royal And Historic Gloves And Shoes | (Methuen & Co, 1904)

Una scarpa eccezionale, da uomo, con un tacco molto più alto della norma dato il periodo: 15 centimetri. Estremamente elegante, con chiusura metallica e fibbia decorata finemente. Una scarpa simile, conservata al Victoria & Albert Museum di Kensington, é descritta come inglese, seconda metà del XVIII secolo.
Presso il Museo di Whitby.

An extraordinary shoe, for a gentleman, with a heel far higher than is commonly found on shoes of this period; it measures full 6 inches in height. The shoe is extremely elegant has latches crossing the instep, and retains its original metal buckle of very ornate design. A similar shoe in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensignton, is described as English, second half of the eighteenth century. 
In the Museum, Whitby.

18th Century | Gentleman's shoes at Whitby
Source: Silverpebble

Text from: Royal And Historic Gloves And Shoes by William Beales Redfern ( Methuen & Co, 1904)
Source: The Clark | Mary Ann Beinecke Collection