Wednesday, May 6, 2015


September 1972 | Design by Franco Rizzo (Florence)
Source: Foto Shoe magazine, September 1972 #9 Vol.IV

October 1972 | London | Clogs (unknown producer)
Photograph: Frank Barrat
Source: Vintage Shoes by Caroline Cox (Carlton Books, 2008)

According to gettyimages, this is "a pair of platform shoes with eight inch heels on display at the Spring Shoes Exhibition in London", which is clearly not the case (the display part, of course). The photograph is a close-up taken from the same session as the well known picture below.

October 1972 | Model Sue Coddington
Source: HelloWorld

Again from gettyimages:
"October 1972: Model Sue Coddington, wearing typical 1970's fashion, shows off the eight inch heels on her platform shoes. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images).
Apparently, no mistakes here.

May 1973 | London | Window shopping in King's Road

December 1974 | J. Thierry (detail)
Agen, France

December 1974 | J. Thierry (detail)
Agen, France


1972 | Designs by Franco Rizzo | The (almost) complete page from:
Foto Shoe magazine, September 1972 #9 Vol.IV

1971 | Franco Rizzo | Florence