Friday, September 11, 2015


Amid legions of copycats disguised as shoe designers, every once in a while someone shows up unafraid to wear his influences up on his sleeves.

Enter Martiniano Lopez Crozet from Argentina and his glove shoe.

2011 | Martiniano Lopez Crozet
Source: Martiniano

This photo here below inspired my glove shoe in 2011. It’s a sock shoe from the middle ages and since the shoes I make are made of kid leather I decided to call them “glove shoes” instead of “sock shoes". 
Martiniano Lopez Crozet

XII Century | Philip Of France shoe
Source: Histoire Du La Chaussure by Paul Lacroix
(Adolphe Delahays Libraire-Editeur, Paris 1862)

2011 | Martiniano Lopez Crozet
Source: Martiniano

2011 | Martiniano Lopez Crozet
Gold and black kid leather 
Source: Martiniano


The multitalented Martiniano was also half of performance art duo Los Super Elegantes with Milena Muzquiz.

I was told my shoes (on the cover) are vintage cricket shoes when I bought them at the Camden Market in London. Not sure what the fabric is, it seems thinner than canvas but sturdy still. Milena's shoes are Gucci.  
Martiniano Lopez Crozet

Los Super Elegantes
Nothing Really Matters CD EP (Eureka/PIAS - 2007)
Cover by Young Chung
Source: Discogs

Martiniano online