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Milton Florsheim was a cobbler’s son who started the company in Chicago in 1892, hoping to produce high-quality men’s dress shoes at moderate prices. Early on, he proved to be a visionary entrepreneur: instead of selling his shoes wholesale and allowing stores to put their own labels on his products, he decided that his company’s livelihood should be in establishing direct ties to customers. As a result — and to the chagrin of retailers — he put the Florsheim name directly on the shoe’s pull-strap and sole, a move that in the coming years would become standard at other shoe companies. 
Ron Stodghill

1923 | The Florsheim Shoe
The Exception Proves The Rule

Written, lead and directed by Woody Allen, The Curse of The Jade Scorpion is set in 40s New York. Woody's character, C.W. Briggs, a North Coast Fidelity and Casualty Insurance Company veteran investigator is being accused …

After a careful search using some of the most up to date technics, we have found some interesting clues. 
C. W. Briggs, veteran insurance investigator (Woody Allen)
Yeah? Leading to who? Eleanor Roosevelt? 
We got a shoe print off the parapet at the Kensington place. 
C. W. Briggs (Woody Allen)
An 8 1/2 C Florsheim cordovan. 
C. W. Briggs (Woody Allen)
Only worn by more than twenty million Americans. I wear an 8 1/2 C cordovan shoes. And let me tell you: for the money you cannot get a better shoe.

One of the twenty millions
Elvis Presley stage-worn Florsheim shoes | Sold for $ 46,875

A pair of Elvis Presley stage-worn Florsheim shoes in white and black leather. The shoes were gifted to fan club president Gary Pepper and inscribed on the sole of the left shoe “To Gary Thanks for everything your friend Elvis Presley.” Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Charlie Hodge, who was present when Presley inscribed and gave the shoes to Pepper. 

Early to mid Fifties | Elvis Presley shoed in Florsheim

… at the last minute Mike decided we’d open the set [at Gilman Street - Berkeley] with “Together on the Sand,” which I sing and play without any backing from the rest of the band. I walked out on stage wearing Florsheim dress shoes, a long chain wallet, and a fedora, looking as out of place as I felt. Mike introduced me as the new guitarist and, mercifully, the crowd cheered. 
Aaron Abeyta A.K.A. El Hefe
From: NOFX The Hepatitis Bathtub And Other Stories (NOFX With Jess Alulis - Da CApo Press, 2016)

For the uninitiated: Florsheim dress shoes at Berkeley's Gilman Street Project is like flip-flops at the Oval Office.

Back cover of "White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean" - Epitaph, 1992
NOFX LtoR: Erk Sandin, Fat Mike, Eric Melvin and Aaron Abeyta
Photograph: Dan Winters

April 16, 1928
Lehman Brothers Florsheim stock offering