Sunday, April 24, 2016


1980 | ZEBRA CLUB | San Diego
Source: The Chè Underground (San Diego Underground Scene Of The 1980's)

The Zebra Club - later renamed Saigon Palace - was an underground rock club in 1980's San Diego. It is now a meat market. Flyer artist is unknown.

1995 | Stéphane Couvé Bonnaire
Source: The Art Of The Shoe

Giraffe shoe and zebra shoe in kidskin and velvet painted entirely by hand. Heels of carved wood covered with hide evoking the hind legs of a giraffe and a zebra. Created by Stéphane Couvé Bonnaire, winner of the competition under the category for the stiletto heel organized by the Style Bureau of the National Federation of the Shoe Industry in 1995. 
Marie-Josèphe Bossan
The Art Of The Shoe (Sirrocco, 2007)

It seems unlikely that a French shoe designer knew about San Diego garage-rock; then again it seems unlikely that a footwear website knows about the same matter. By the way: we wrote already about Fullerton's Nu-Beams (appearing at the Zebra Club May 17, 1980).