Saturday, February 10, 2018


1924 | Edith, Paris
"Pink - beige kid, trimmed with red kid."

From Vogue Magazine (France), 1924, November issue:
"The constant aim of today's elegant woman is to always create harmony: to achieve a happy outfit, it is not enough for her to wear a new and seductive hat, a dress with a skilful cut and a fitting tone. The smallest accessories of her toilet are meticulously studied and chosen: the scarf matches with the hat, the gloves’ shade accompanies that of the tailleur, the bag, pretty knick-knack of carved leather, delicate tapestry, precious enamels, harmonizes with the dress."

1924 | Edith, Paris
"Varnished and very flexible kid, , trimmed with emerald green."

"As for the shoes, barely ten years ago, the choice was limited to black patent and yellow kid. The current inspiration for a set sought after in every detail requires for each dress the matching shoes.

Now the shoemaker is an artist just like the couturier; like him, he cares for the original and elegant line; like him, he constantly creates models that are real pieces of art: openwork leather shoes, intricate arabesques, pearly satins or studded with rhinestones, dazzling lam├ęs, more precious than the vair slipper of Cinderella ."

1924 | Edith | Paris
"Small squares in all shades."

"Thanks to a selection of models of an infinite variety, remarkably chic and carefully executed, the Maison Edith, 4, rue Tronchet (behind the Madeleine) counts among its customers the most elegant women of Paris.
For the upcoming season, this fashionable designer is to launch an elegant beige or flesh color kid shoe, similar to the stockings currently more fashionable. One of Edith's charming innovations is the original combination of black suede and patent leather."

1924 | Edith, Paris
"Beige kid, topped with black kid."


1924-25 | L'APRES-MIDI

1924 | Edith, Paris
"Black box, comfortable for the Bois."