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Shoe Icons’ Nazim Mustafaev established himself as one of a kind collector. Unlike any other collector, he shares his discoveries and likes to dig deep in order to unearth all there is to know about a certain item. In other words, he works like a museum should; meaning more than one museum we know should look up Nazim’s work and feel a deep shame for what they offer - with tax money - to the public.

1874 | I. S. & J. Hyatt
Apparatus And Processes For Holding Celluloids
Source: Celluloid Heel (Shoe Icons Publishing, 2018)

Three years ago Nazim published on his website an in depth research about celluloid heels (still available here). It was - and remains - unprecedented. When we saw it we though: this must be in a book. So, like he was reading our minds, he soldiered on, researched some more and published a book.

1920’s F. Weil & E. Petit & Cie (France)
Wooden Heels covered in black celluloid
Source: Celluloid Heel (Shoe Icons Publishing, 2018)

Materials, construction methods, patents, innovators, historical annotations, vintage ads and striking photographs make “Celluloid Heel” a worth addition to your library even if you have a mild interest in footwear and a book or two about the subject. Probably he didn’t have fashionistas in mind when he wrote it, but “Celluloid Heels” even contains materials that might strike contemporary Instagrammers/bloggers; it is that good.

Instagram material from:
Celluloid Heel (Shoe Icons Publishing, 2018)

Like all the really good things, “Celluloid Heels” cannot be purchased at the bookstore round the corner (do they still exists? Bookstores, not corners, that is), but available directly from the author: a quick email to Nazim and he’ll send back all the details.

It’s worth it, believe me.

ca. 1925 | I. Miller & Sons
Source: Celluloid Heel (Shoe Icons Publishing, 2018)


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HERE an extract from the book.

Celluloid Heel by Nazim Mustafaev
Shoe Icons Publishing (2018)