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1969 | David Evins
The "Serpentine" sandal
Source: The Herald Statesman (Yonkers, NY) - March 10, 1969

"SERPENTINE" - The rose moire high-rising sandal with scroll beading in crystal and rhinestones is from the "ultra pants-oriented" collection by David Evins. At Mr. Jay, 237 Millburn Avenue - Millburn, N.J. 
Source: The Item (of Millburn And Short Hills) - May 15, 1969

The "Serpentine" sandal was actually showcased at the end of 1968 and here below you can see Mr. Evins proudly holding the model.

1968 | David Evins holding the "Serpentine"
Source: News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) - October 17, 1968

1969 | David Evins
The "Serpentine" sandal
Source: Detroit Free Press - January 16, 1969


Starting from 1989 it's been said that the "Serpentine" sandal (never referred as such) was made in 1962 for singer/actress/activist Lena Horne. First it was a 1989 calamitous press photo and picked up the same year by the book "Shoes: Fashion And Fantasy" by Colin McDowell. Others followed suit, like the ubiquitous "Shoes" by Linda O'Keeffe, and of course countless web sites. 

McDowell text, next to the picture here below, highlighted that footwear - especially made for stars and celebrities - must match their strong personalities and because of that, celebrities can be shod in footwear that the ordinary woman won't dare to touch.

So, although we are a bit late to tell you Mr. McDowell, this "Lena Horne sandal" wasn't made for Lena Horne (hats off) but for the ordinary woman like me and that I'm very willing to try it if only I could find a pair. Kind regards.


1968 | The "Serpentine" sandal
As seen in "Shoes" by Colin McDowell (1989)
No 1962, no Lena Horne: it must be clear now.

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