Tuesday, April 17, 2012


50's | Andy Warhol
From "Andy Warhol: 1942-1987 Drawings" 
1999 Bullfinch Press | Source: Asterixpix

1962 | Gina Shoes
Designed by Gina's founder Mehmet Kurdash | Original price $ 7,35 
Source: Vintage Shoes by Caroline Cox | Carlton | 2008

1962 | Gina Shoes |
Wheel Detail

1962 | Gina Shoes |
Source: Northampton Museum

The Rattles - 1988 - Hot Wheels/Let's Act Together 7"
(ACT Musik + Vision)
Photographer uncredited

The Rattles - 1988 - Hot Wheels LP
(ACT Musik + Vision)
Photographer uncredited

CA.1962 | Invented by Philip Garner
From: Le Livre Mondial Des Inventions 1986
Source: Adrigu (Flickr)
CA.1962 | Invented by Philip Garner
Philip Garner's Better Living Catalog

1993 | Dinamica by Savitransport
Source: Scarperentola

Kei Kagami
From: Kei Kagami's Ten Year Retrospective |  Steinbesser Gallery | Amsterdam | 2011
Source: Dazed & Confused

1998 | Kobi Levi | Market Trolley
Source: Kobi Levi

2010 (?) | Deborah Kiwi | Stroom Footwear

Year Unknown | Rik Phillips
Training Wheel Stiletto [sculpture]
From: the Fashion Series
Source: Kuaiart

2011 | Anthony Ausgang
X-Mas window for LaRinascente, Milan 
Source: Dory32


Non sappiamo se Mehmet Kurdash, fondatore del marchio Gina Shoes nel 1954, abbia visto o meno il disegno di Warhol, ma é certo che il modello (1962) é un'anomalia in seno ad una produzione solitamente elegante.

I Rattles sono un gruppo di Amburgo degli anni '60 che ha diviso stile e palco con Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Beatles e Rolling Stones. Sciolti nel '74, si sono riformati alla fine degli anni '80, pubblicando l'imbarazzante "Hot Wheels" che tentava inutilmente di suonare contemporaneo.

Secondo lo scultore Rik Phillips, "Training Wheel Stiletto" é un'opera d'arte, ma il suo capolavoro é quando spiega cosa lo ha ispirato. Se avete tempo é QUI.

Infine Anthony Ausgang, sebbene sia l'ultimo arrivato nella sezione "scarpe con ruote", non meritava di vedere storpiato il proprio nome due volte (su due) sul Sole 24 Ore.

We don't know if Mehmet Kurdash - Gina Shoes' founder back in 1954 - saw the Warhol drawing. Nonetheless the 1962 model is one-of-a-kind in a otherwise elegant production.

The Rattles are a German '60s band who played early in their career with Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Beatles and the Rolling Stones. They split-up in '74 and "Hot Wheels" is their doomed come back album from 1988. They went for a modern sound falling flat big time.

According to sculptor Rik Phillips, his "Training Wheel Stiletto" is a work of art. We don't know, but his story about the inspiration behind it is priceless. It can be read HERE.
And finally, Anthony Ausgang. He's the last in line when it comes to "heels on wheels" but he didn't deserved his name mispelled (twice in a row) on the pages of the Italian economic daily Sole 24 Ore.