Tuesday, September 1, 2015


A. Meriggi
Parabiago, Milan

It started in 1947 as Olimpio, in Parabiago. A glorious name for a tiny backyard workshop like many others at that time. But Attilio Meriggi and his staff ranked as very good artisans (although not a single shoe remained as proof) and in a few years the shoe factory gained the trust of many foreign customers. In a city better known for gorgeous women’s models, Attilio Meriggi specialized in casual and elegant men's shoes, along the line of Fratelli Rossetti or Milena by Fratelli Nebuloni.

1947 | Olimpio by Attilio Meriggi
The first logo
Source: Archivio Centrale dello Stato

In the Fifties Meriggi was among the promoters of the Parabiago's Footwear Exhibition and in the Sixties he was awarded three consecutive times at the International Footwear Academy of Turin with collateral awards:

1964 - first prize of the Municipality of Turin;
1965 - awarded by the Stra Exhibition Organization (Stra is a north-east Italian Footwear district)
1966 - awarded by the Vigevano’s Industrialists Association.

It's unknown when they stopped the production, but the same workshop now houses another shoe production site.

1952 | A.Meriggi shoes
At the XIV Bologna Fair

1958 | A.Meriggi

1959 | A.Meriggi

1964 | A.Meriggi
Source: Footwear Oscar Competition Catalog 1964

1964 | A.Meriggi
Source: Ars Sutoria

1965 | A.Meriggi
Source: Footwear Oscar Competition Catalog 1965

1968 | A.Meriggi
Source: Moda in Pelle

1969 | A.Meriggi
Source: Moda in Pelle