Subculture Suicide 7" EP (Dirt Cult Records, 2016)

Rafael Bieber picked it up: “This shoe, the one you’re looking at, has a story.”

He told me it had belonged to a patient who had trouble breathing.

Sometimes a machine or medication opened his lungs for a time, but then the air would abandon the suffocating man, no matter how much he implored it to come back.

No Class
Keine Klasse II (Deranged, 2012)

One night in his distress, the fellow threw this shoe at the windowpane. At last, air came into his house and into his body, and he slid into a deep sleep after so many enemy nights.

When he awoke the floor was littered with shards of glass.

But they were not from his window, not from a window at all: they were what remained of the mirror, his mirror, shattered into a thousand pieces by this shoe.”

Eduardo Galeano
“This Shoe” taken from: Hunter of Stories (Nation Books, 2017)

EDUARDO GALEANO [1940 - 2015]

The Shifters
Shattered (Radio Records, 2000)