1956 - 2017 | PAGANS' MIKE HUDSON

“[The Pagans] were all widely read … basically blue collar guys,” Hudson told me during an interview in 2011. “I knew guys driving forklifts who wrote better poetry than David Byrne.”

Mike Hudson (as told by Brian Costello)

“During our free time we'd shop for clothes at the local thrift stores or drop acid and head down to the stadium. Our closets began to overflow with garish smoking jackets, transparent plastic raincoats and goofy pastel-leather sports coats. Pointy shoes galore, those made from the skins of endangered species being especially prized. I bought a thirty-year - old black cashmere overcoat that was like brand new for fifteen dollars and considered it a triumph. Still would, if I could find one.”

Mike Hudson
Diary of a Punk (Tuscarora Books, 2008)

Photograph: Kathy Ward
Source: Family Fare 12" back cover (Glitterhouse, 1990)