1890s | L.Perchellet
2 Place Vendôme, Paris
The model belonged to Ethel Sanford

South Carolina's Charleston Museum owns two models by Perchellet, from the 1890s; both were made for Mrs Sanford - probably Ethel Sanford - the donor’s mother, who became Mrs. John [Jean] Sanford in 1892. She was the daughter of Henry Sanford, U.S. Ambassador to Belgium. About the husband, Wikipedia says:
John Sanford (January 18, 1851 – September 26, 1939) was an American businessman, a prominent owner/breeder of thoroughbred racehorses, and a member of the United States House of Representatives from New York's 20th congressional district.

1890s | L.Perchellet
Label: Chaussures Brevetées 2 Place Vendôme Entrée 356 r. St. Honoré Paris
The model belonged to Ethel Sanford

L. Perchellet | Paris
Place Vendôme, Paris
Belonged to Miss Elizabeth M. Larkin.

The peculiarity of the model at the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston is that it was made to match a somptuous dress by the maison Rouff, also preserved in the collection. They both belonged to Miss Elizabeth M. Larkin. The pump sports "pointed toes, baby Louis heels, toes embroidered with white beads and metal sequins". 

Maison Rouff | Paris
Made for Miss Elizabeth M. Larkin
Matching shoes by Perchellet

Top: Perchellet
"Black satin shoes: one-piece vamp joined at waist to one-piece quarter; 
slightly pointed toe with densely beaded decoration; satin, self-bow with beaded loop; 
Louis heel; kid leather and lining lining; 
hand-sewn with white machine stitching outling the heel; leather soles. 
Made by Perchellet (stamp on sole)". 

Source: FAMSF

Bottom: Perchellet
"White satin shoes, c. 1892. The silk and bead embroidery is set off by the decorative beaded bow. 
These were made by L. Perchellet at 2 Place Vendôme and were made for “Mme. Jean Sanford.” 

The richest collection of Perchellet models belongs to the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, thanks to a donation by Marion Osgood Hooker (1875–1968). 
Hooker was born in San Francisco, California, to Katharine Putnam Hooker, the niece of famous geologist Josiah Dwight Whitney, and John Daggett Hooker, a direct descendent of Connecticut’s founder Thomas Hooker.
Source: Wikipedia

Perchellet | Paris
"Blue satin shoes: two-piece construction; vamp and back attached at waist; 
vamp is decorated with blue glass beads in a geometric pattern over cut-out design; 
kid leather lining; Louis heel. Label: Perchellet"

Source: FAMSF

Marian lived with her mother through most of Katharine's life and was her best traveling companion. The two made an extended trip to Europe in 1896 with a family friend, Samuel Marshall Ilsley.
Source: West Adams Heritage Association

Probably the shoes were bought during such trip, along with a series of fashionable dresses and accessories, a few of them also at the FAMSF. 





Perchellet at The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Satin shoes in three different colours: "one-piece vamp joined at waist to one-piece quarter; 
collar is edged with grosgrain; rounded, tapering toe; flat piece of satin at throat; 
it has been threaded through an oval, horizontally placed buckle to make it resemble a bow; 
mother-of-pearl buckle; Louis heel; leather soles; kid leather and linen lining; 
hand-sewn except for white machine stitching outlining the heel."

Source: FAMSF