1926 | Illustration From Julienne advertising
Source: Les Modes

This holy matrimony can't compare against the marriage of the couple of princes Anna of France and Amadeus of Savoy celebrated two years later, however the two ceremonies had in common the creators of clothes and shoes. 

A certain crowd of curious people attended Roger Villeminot and Arlette Lemoine at the church of Saint-Charles de Monceau in Paris, May 4, 1926 . The grandfather of the bride was Gaston Worth, son of the founder of the renowned fashion house and father, as well as of the mother of the bride (Renée Marie Jeanne Lemoine), of Jean Charles and Jacques Worth, head designer and manager of the family business. These kinships obviously raised high expectations on the level of elegance in the ceremony. 

1926 | Marriage of Arlette Lemoine and Roger Villeminot
The group of bridesmaids
Dresses by Worth; Shoes by Julienne

Detail of the shoes by Julienne

"The bride was exquisite in her dress draped in white satin, adorned with a very long train on which stretched the veil of tulle framed by needle stitch. The hairstyle raised murmurs of enthusiasm on her way (…). The three little girls who were walking behind her were dressed, according to a famous Reynolds portrait, in long white muslin dresses, with old pink satin belts and velvet berets of the same tone. 
The eight bridesmaids were identically dressed in silver Salambo, pleated skirts, little sweaters with shawl collar, « régata » tie, big berets of velvet in rose color and bottes of roses in their arms."
"It was noticed that they wore velvet-rose shoes with silver straps, matching exactly with their dress, and the name of Julienne was whispered, who had also made the shoes for Madame Lemoine and Mme. Villeminot, with fabric similar to their toilets"



The bride's mother Madame Jacques Lemoine, née Worth
Dress by Worth, shoes by Julienne

Source: Les Modes magazine, July 1926


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