André Perugia, like other golden names/brands such as Beth Levine or David Evins, ended its course when he retired. No corporate acquisitions, no rebranding, no nothing. Which is good in a way. On the other end, for such brilliant designs, pictures on Instagram/Pinterest/Your-Favorite-Social-Network-Here with the ubiquitous "Ooohhh, I Looove It" comment doesn't make it. So it is welcomed when our designer of choice shows up unexpected in novels: you know he's there because he's the most-liked and not as a product placement.

André Perugia shoe box
Source: Miss Glitzy

Here's a small collection of André Perugia's cameo appearances: in Anna Davis' "The Shoe Queen" Perugia shoes are like supporting actors, but our favorite line comes from "Murder At The Luther" by Kathleen Kaska. Enjoy.

She was standing at the door, hands on her hips; her size-five foot tapping rapidly on the cement floor. 
I looked down at her stylish footwear. "Ferragamo?" I asked. 
"No, silly. André Perugia. No one can make a stiletto like Perugia. 
Why didn't you call me?" 
Kathleen Kaska
Murder At The Luther (Salvo Press, 2010)

Source: LIFE magazine

Her unique court shoes by André Perugia, the Paris shoe designer - impossibly high Spanish heels and pointy toes; 
the softest leather overlaid with a mass of brilliantly colored and intricately worked triangles in silk, suede and brocade, inspired, so Perugia said, by Matisse's paintings, and worn especially to impress Paolo Zachari - were drenched and mud-sputtered. 
Outraged, she stepped forward, opening her mouth to shout something, but the car was already disappearing down a side street. 
Anna Davis
The Shoe Queen (Gallery Books, 2007)

Mid-twenties | André Perugia
Silk satin and leather
Source: LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

And, straightening, Genevieve found she was talking to (cobbler) Paolo Zachari. 
"They're André Perugia, aren't they? he said, looking amused. "So you've certainly overpaid." 
And then he removed his overcoat and sat down at her table without even asking permission to join her. 
Anna Davis
The Shoe Queen (Gallery Books, 2007)
Enzel | Designed by André Perugia
Source: Shoe Icons

Rain fell on the golden velvet wrap with the sumptuous Australian opossum edgings, on the André Perugia gold kid shoes. Rain fell on the heavily jeweled satin headband and the Lina Cavalieri coiffure.

Anna Davis
The Shoe Queen (Gallery Books, 2007)

CA. 1931 | André Perugia

Trying to contain herself, Brenna chuckled when she glanced downward and saw the pair of high priced André Perugia shoes Carolyn Bryce wore. Her mother's impeccable was appropriate if she were attending a formal dinner. 
Barb Dimich
SEAL Fate (ebook, 2012)

Source: Transatlantic Modernities

Once we arrived at the love nest, I went into bathroom to change. I yanked on a sturdy girdle - steel-boned, not rubber, thanks very much - a black silk dress, and my favorite black cloche. The hat hid my beaver-lodge hair nicely. 
I pulled on stockings, buckled on my highest André Perugia T-straps, brushed my teeth, and touched up my lipstick. 
Maia Chance
Come Hell or Highball. A Mystery (Minotaur Books, 2015)
1953 | André Perugia patent
Source: Google Patents

I took off my André Perugia made-to-order patent leather ballerinas, then my the pearl necklace, I'll roll my fingers on it and put it gently on the small wooden table. I lay down and pull my knees up to my chest. At home no one's waiting for me. 
Stephanie des Horts
La Panthère (JC Lattès, 2010)

The last one is a bit cryptic out of context; here anyway for the sake of it.

"Chanel can't keep you alive forever!" Schiaparelli floats up off the floorboards. André Perugia designed her shoes. 
"Your perfume will fade!" she says, suspended like a chandelier. A chandelier in a Mirror Maze? It's overkill! 
Derek McCormack
The Show That Smells (ECW Press, 2008)


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