Perugia's series of little boots were unmistakably inspired by his designs of the Poiret period. The Demi-Bottine is higher than a pump, lower than a boot. The Button Boot has the look of the earlier style, without the need for a buttonhook. And in the Circlet Boot, mink replaces fringe and Lastex does the job of both leather and shoelaces. 
These boots are part of an exhibit of Andre Perugia's old and new designs which he will present tomorrow in the Shoe salon of Carson Pirie Scott & Co.  
Evelyn Livingstone | Chicago Tribune | September 26, 1956

1956 | Andre Perugia | The Circlet Boot | Lastex & Mink
I.Miller Dept. At Carson Pirie Scott. & Co. | Chicago
Photograph: Guy Bourdin

Perugia, leading Paris shoe stylist who designs for I. Miller, feels that romantic and dramatic looking booties are right in style with the new winter clothes.

The smartest modern version of an old fashioned style is a “slip-on bootie” made of latex, just like girdles. Slender in shape and of ankle-eight, it is trimmed with a mink cuff for extra luxury.

The Indianapolis Star Sun | February 3, 1957 

1956 | André Perugia For I. Miller
1919 (they say) | André Perugia For Poiret
Source: Chicago Tribune

Today Perugia, dean of shoe designers, and head of I.Miller's Paris studio, has brought many of his early Poiret period shoes, plus charming modern adaptations, which I. Miller will present to customers at the 689 Fifth Av. store Monday and Tuesday, Oct.8 and 9 ...

Originals and adaptations to be displayed include fur-topped boots, the demi boot with its '56 version sleeked by the use of new Lastex yarns, a tailored step-in for evening, the flattering little shaped heel, court buckles, Turkish-inspired styles and new metal "free form" heels adding a jewelry look to luxurious' fabric shoes.

New York Post | October 5, 1956


I.Miller Is The Trend
[Perugia Invents, I.Miller Presents]

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The "Cape"



One of the most striking things about modern shoes, besides their variety, is their comfort and lightness. Take, for instance, a pair of "half boots" as Perugia
(Perrugia in the original text) calls them, for wear with the tailored suit.

They are of the thinnest kid, dyed especially to match the color of your tailored suit or its accessories. They fit the foot very exactly, as perfectly as a made-to-order glove fit the hand, and with this delicate fit they envelope the foot as high as the ankle, where they turn over and break into a fringe, which hangs down and flutters as only fringes can.

Sunday Times | September 21, 1924

The Sunday Times date is a more likely than the above mentioned 1919; here's the described fringed boot from the Poiret collection dated 1923 as seen in Comoedia magazine.

1923 | André Perugia | detail
Source: Comoedia magazine

1923 | Outfit by Paul Poiret
Shoes By André Perugia
Source: Comoedia magazine