Young Frankenstein boots
Designed by Brad Brackenridge

After lunch one afternoon I walked up to my bedroom with a yellow legal pad and a blue felt pen. At the top of the page, I wrote, Young Frankenstein, and then wrote two pages of what might happen to me if I were the great grandson of Beaufort von Frankenstein and was called to Transylvania because I had just inherited the Frankenstein estate. 
Why the word “Young” before the name “Frankenstein”? It came out almost unconsciously, but when I asked myself, later, where that thought came from, I remembered Mickey Rooney in the film Young Edison, which I saw when I was a boy. Then I remembered a more recent clue: Anne Bancroft had made a film called Young Winston. 
Gene Wilder
[From: Kiss Me Like A Stranger. My Search For Love And Art - St. Martin’s Griffin, 2005]

Still from Young Frankenstein
Source: Young Frankenstein Repackaged/Amazon