1938 | Salvatore Ferragamo | Detail
Source: LIFE - February 7, 1938

The may be ugly, but “these uncomfortable clogs” bring forward - although simplified - the concept of the wooden divided sole (or articulated sole) patented by André Perugia in 1929.

Apparently the relevant Ferragamo patent doesn’t exist, but the same notion made its way in a 1943 Ferragamo patent of a well know shoe, a multicolored wooden split platform wedge, carved and painted.

1943 | Salvatore Ferragamo
Multicolored wooden split platform wedge | carved and painted
Source: Archivi della Moda del Novecento

Later the same year French designer Leandre Gregoire Renaldo patented a split platform based on the very same idea, only the rear part of the sole was different in design.

1938 | Wearing Ferragamos and yet so sad
Source: LIFE - February 7, 1938