Jopie Huisman was born in Workum in the north of the Netherlands in 1922. During WWII he was forced to work in Germany, he escaped in 1943. He wanted to be a painter, but he earned not enough so he started a business selling scrap metal and rags.
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1980 | Jopie Huisman
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1977 | Jopie Huisman
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1974 | Jopie Huisman
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1969 | Jopie Huisman
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1958 | Jopie Huisman | Simon's Shoes
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Simon Vlas was a close friend of Jopie Huisman. In the 1930's he received a substantial heritance, which he spend with his friends mostly on alcohol. When the money was finished Simon ended up a notorious alcoholic in Workum. Jopie Huisman tried to look after Simon and therefore visited his friend regularly. During one of these visits , when Simon was sleeping off his debauch, Jopie sketched his shoes. In 1958 he painted the present lot based on these sketches.
Source: Christie's

Jopie Huisman Museum
Opened April, 11 1986