"Don't worry if he doesn't answer you. Sometimes he'll just sit there and look off the other way. It's not personal. He just doesn't know what to say"
Roving Eye | Telegraph Magazine, 2002

1998 | William Eggleston
From: The Hasselblad Award

1990 | William Eggleston
From: Faulkner's Mississippi

2007-2008 | William Eggleston
Untitled, Paris Series
Source: The Observer

2007-2008 | William Eggleston
Untitled, Paris Series

“In the catalog, though, each image on its own page, you can hear what Eggleston is after: silence. As in his 1972 picture of shoes under a bed, creating the atmosphere of a room no one has entered for years, nearly everything he processes through his camera and his darkroom looks abandoned. ”

Greil Marcus
Real Life Rock (Yale University Press, 2015)

1974 | William Eggleston

Early '80s | William Eggleston
Lucia Burch

It was (Bill) Dickinson's wife, Mary Lindsay, who first introduced Eggleston to her best friend, Lucia Burch, who, until her recent death, was his long-term lover. "What a pair", she says. "She was blazing with talent. She really pushed him past his greatness." Dickinson agrees: "You could say they were kindred spirits. Eggleston used to turn off the lights and shoot his guns in the dark for fun. The house was riddled with holes made by $6,000 antique shotguns. It was a boredom thing. Bill is someone who gets bored easily, and he'll go to extremes not to be bored."
Out Of The Ordinary by Sean O'Hagan (The Observer July 2004)

1976 | The Museum of Modern Art | NY
Press release
Source: William Eggleston

2001 | William Eggleston
From: William Eggleston Foundation Cartier, Paris


"It was the beauty of banal details that was inspirational", (Sofia) Coppola said of Eggleston's influence on her debut feature, The Virgin Suicides, in 1999, and it is this ability to record, and illuminate, the mundane that is his stock in trade.
Out Of The Ordinary by Sean O'Hagan (The Observer July 2004)

William Eggleston is a Big Star

1973 | William Eggleston
Greenwood, Mississippi

1974 | Big Star - Radio City (Ardent Records)
Source: Blake Andrews - William Eggleston's (Album Cover) Guide 

"It's just a picture I offered out of the blue," William Eggleston says of The Red Ceiling, and its appearance on the cover of Big Star's second album. "I ­happened to run into (Big Star's leader) Alex [Chilton], and he said, 'I'd love to use it.' I said, 'You're welcome to.' There's no more to that story," says Eggleston, known around the world as one of America's greatest photographers, and to legions of rock fans as the supplier of oddly haunting images for album sleeves.
William Eggleston: king of the album cover photo by Andria Lisle | Observer, Junuary 2013

2004 | William Eggleston
From: Art & Auction magazine