A democracy of honest workmen, it may be, resists the idea that doing one kind of labor deserves more exaltation and excuses more self-indulgence than doing another kind. The shoemaker, for example, doesn’t get moony and mock-heroic about pounding out his shapely, intricate product, and doesn’t ask to be especially praised for sticking to his last. 

Yet shoes are more plainly useful than books. We all have chosen, in submission to the passions of childhood and accidents of adulthood, lasts to stick to, and the trade of writer is, with its unstructured hours, opportunities for self-expression, and possible rich rewards, sufficiently attractive so that there are far more applicants than positions available. 

John Updike
Odd Jobs (Knopf, 1991)

1877 | Frank Duveneck
The Cobbler's Apprentice | Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati
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Jokingly I called my collection "Discodramatic". Disco because of the 80's disco-music references; and dramatic because, in a way, it is almost up there with the theatre. 
Giuseppe Zanotti | WebModa November 7, 2008

We're in-between Bowie and the Sex Pistols, midway glam-rock theatrics and punk-rock grit. 
Giuseppe Zanotti | Corriere della Sera daily | February 24, 2013

Try to imagine how my ideal woman lives is the most important thing. I was in Miami for a job and I found myself poolside at the Miami Edition Hotel: I saw gorgeous Ralph Lauren-style women elegantly strolling toward the bar or swimming in the pool. And I told myself "So, they really do exist". It was a revelation. My SS16 collection is for them. 
Nicolò Beretta (Giannico) | Cosmopolitan July 20, 2015 
Nowadays even a strong iconic personality like Kim Kardashian could be considered my muse. 
Nicolò Beretta (Giannico) | Cosmopolitan July 20, 2015

2011 | Tim Parsley (in partnership with Carter and The Taft Museum of Art)
The Cobbler's Apprentice Plays Ball