No blue suits. No dossiers. No bingo and no bowls. No ritual walks around the traffic lights or lucky routes to this bench in the dug-out. No envelopes full of cash. No gamesmanship or cheating –

Just football …

Not superstition. Not bloody ritual and not fucking luck –

Just good, clean, honest football.

‘There will be no stopping us,’ I tell the press. ‘No stopping us now.’
David Peace
From: The Damned Utd. (Faber And Faber, 2007)

1951 | Nugget Polish
Source: History World

Cassius Clay becomes Muhammad Ali. The Quarrymen become the Beatles. Lesley Hornby becomes Twiggy and George Best becomes Georgie Best.
David Peace
From: The Damned Utd. (Faber And Faber, 2007)

1970 | George Best advertising Stylo Matchmakers boots
Source: Retrocards

In the temporary office. Because of the alterations to Anfield, because of the improvements to Anfield. Bill picked up the telephone. Again. And Bill said, Bill Shankly speaking. What can I do for you? 
Hello, Bill. It’s me, Bob. I’m at Scunthorpe with Reuben. We’re watching this lad Keegan. And we should sign him. Immediately, Bill. Now. Tonight. This very minute … And Bill said, Thanks, Bob. That’s all I wanted to hear. All I wanted to know, Bob. Thank you very much.
David Peace
From: Red Or Dead (Faber And Faber, 2013)

1981 | Kevin Keegan advertising Pirelli Slippers
Source: The Football Attic



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