Sneakers - Self titled (Mercury, 1980)
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Burke studied the ground, rubbing his freshly shaven chin. He was in his middle forties, and he wore his pale, yellow hair much too long. He paid considerable attention to his clothes. Even at daybreak he was wearing a blue seersucker suit, white shirt and necktie, and black-and-white shoes. Two-toned shoes indicate an ambivalent personality, a man who can't make up his mind.

Charles Willeford
From: Cockfighter (1962)

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They looked more like Yuppies, well-dressed with blow-dry hair--like Brickell Avenue or Kendall types. One of them was wearing a silk suit, and the other had on a linen jacket. They were in their mid-twenties, I'd say. The one in the suit had black loafers, the other man wore brown-and-white shoes."

Hoke grinned. "The man with the black shoes did all the talking, right?"

Loretta Hickey nodded. "How'd you know that?"

"I didn't. But guys who wear two-tone shoes have an ambivalent personality, and are indecisive."

Charles Willeford
From: No Hope For The Dead (1985)

1973 | Mick Jagger in Austria (Rolling Stones European Tour)
Photograph: Robert Cohen
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"But as you can see, Pop, I didn't need the full two thousand. And I still got everything I needed, including these new pants, goatskin gloves, the shirt, and the running shoes. Boots look good on a man, but for running, when you have to run, they aren't worth a damn."

Charles Willeford
From: Sideswipe (1987)

Johnny Cash portrait
From: I See A Darkness - Graphic Novel by Reinhard Kleist

Published by I See A Hero - 2007

It’s not noir. I don’t do neo-noir. I see Pulp Fiction as closer to modern-day crime fiction, a little closer to Charles Willeford, though I don’t know if that describes it either. What’s similar is that Willeford is doing his own thing with his own characters, creating a whole environment and a whole family. 
Quentin Tarantino
From: Sight & Sound, May 1994

Charles Willeford
January 2, 1919 - March 27, 1988

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