1990-93 | Robert Gober
Untitled (Long Leg) | Wood, leather, cotton, wax, and hair

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Gober noted: “I cast my own leg out of beeswax.. . . I remembered that my mother used to work as a nurse in an operating room and she used to entertain us as kids by telling stories about the hospital. One of her first operations was an amputation and they cut off the leg and handed it to her. Stories like that made a big impact. But I also realized, looking at this sculpture of a leg that’s cut off just above the calf, that it’s the sight you see if you glance under a stall in a men’s room. You see that portion of a man’s identity, and it’s very highly charged for one reason or another.” On another occasion he recollected: “I was in this tiny little plane, sitting next to this handsome businessman and his trousers were pulled above his socks and I was transfixed in this moment by his leg. I came home knowing that I wanted to make a sculpture of that part of the leg.”

Robert Gober

1989-1990 | Robert Gober
Source: Boum! Bang!

1990 | Robert Gober
Untitled | Wax, cotton, wood, leather shoe, and human hair
Source: Smithsonian Institution

1991 | Robert Gober
Untitled | Wood, beeswax, human hair, fabric, paint, shoes
Image Credit: Andrew Moore, courtesy the artist


2008 | Robert Gober
Leg with Anchor
Forged iron and steel, beeswax, cotton, leather, and human hair
Image Credit: Bill Orcutt, courtesy the artist and Matthew Marks Gallery
Source: ArtBlart