1946 | Bizarre magazine Vol.1 #4
Drawing by John Alexander Scott Coutts (A.K.A. John Willie)

I am writing the introduction to the long-awaited reprinting of Bizarre magazine. But it's really about John Alexander Scott Coutts, aka John Willie. Artist, photographer, writer, publisher and banjo player John Willie. I bow down to you. You are the Leonardo da Vinci of Fetish and maybe this publication will give you the recognition you merit.

Eric Kroll
Foreword for The Complete Reprint Of John Willie's BiZARRE (Taschen, 2005)

2001 | Best Of Bizarre
Taschen (Icon Series)

2007 | The Detroit Cobras - Tied & True LP/CD
Rough Trade/Bloodshot Records
Painting & layout Stephen Nawara

2007 | Denyse Beaulieu | Sex Game Book
Editions Assouline

The first time I saw Willie’s work I knew he was the Rembrandt of pulp.

From Salon's The Rembrandt of pulp, 2000

1950 (?) | Bizarre
Drawing by John Alexander Scott Coutts (A.K.A. John Willie)

1977 | Fast Floyd And His Famous Firebirds
Bizarre 7"EP (Kadillak Records)
Source: Discogs

1998 | Phantoms Of The Future
Tie Me Up CD (Terra Zone)